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As part of Seattle Children’s, which includes one of the most highly acclaimed pediatric research centers in the country, GAPPS participates in a thriving research community. In collaboration with researchers in Seattle and around the world, we are working to improve birth outcomes by defining the problems and developing evidence-based solutions. From GAPPS’ one-of-a-kind specimen repository focused on pregnancy, to studies seeking to identify biomarkers for maternal and neonatal infections, our research efforts are leading the way to better health for women, infants and children.


“I think that prematurity and stillbirth should be looked at with the same enthusiasm and vigor that in past years people have looked at stroke, heart disease and cancer. Certainly, the economic burden of prematurity is enormous, estimated to be at $26 billion a year in the United States alone.”
— Dr. Michael Gravett, GAPPS scientific director


Discover how our widely accessible biobank is helping scientists close the knowledge and solution gaps.

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Learn how GAPPS research and advocacy efforts are working to prevent preterm birth and stillbirth.

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