GAPPS Facilitates Pregnancy and Birth Cohort Registry

Global Database Aims to Improve Birth Outcomes

In a project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAPPS is spearheading the first global pregnancy and birth cohort registry. The LINK Registry is a one-of-a-kind searchable database composed of data and specimens from pregnancy and birth cohorts around the world. The registry fosters collaboration among researchers from low-, middle- and high-income settings to accelerate understanding of normal and abnormal pregnancy including preterm birth, stillbirth, Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR) and preeclampsia. The project’s overarching goal is to facilitate collaboration among researchers and leverage existing resources across a wide variety of settings and institutions. By using the registry, the hope is that researchers will be able to accelerate improvements in maternal, fetal and newborn health worldwide.

The registry provides detailed information on existing collections and a blueprint for standardizing data and specimen collections across multiple sites for use in future studies, making it easier for researchers to collaborate and coordinate studies.

“Investigators will benefit from having one central clearinghouse of pregnancy and birth-related research,” said Donald Chaffin, GAPPS Repository laboratory manager. “By learning what others are studying in terms of populations, outcomes, data and specimens, researchers will be able to easily find potential collaborators and/or data and specimens to support their projects. It’s like a for researchers.”

If your study includes the collection of biospecimens or data from women, their children and families, we encourage you to register your study—no study is too small. If you are planning a study that involves pregnant women, their children or families, please register your study. For future studies, only brief information is collected as LINK is not a clinical trials registration site. The more studies entered, the greater the chance that researchers will find matches in their interest areas. Register at


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