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Samples for Distribution
Biospecimens are collected longitudinally during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period, and can be used to study pathways of preterm labor, preterm birth, stillbirth and related maternal and child health issues. 

Prospective Collections
If researchers require specimens that are not routinely collected by the GAPPS Repository, prospective collections tailored to their specific study aims can be established. This allows researchers to access the GAPPS Repository cohorts for their collections, rather than spending the time and money to set up their own collection network.

With custom collections, GAPPS can provide:

Phenotypic Data
A proper phenotypic analysis is a crucial component when obtaining predictive abilities of a sample type. The phenotypic data GAPPS provides enriches the analysis of each sample and is also available independently for epidemiological studies. Data are available from: 

Data Management
The GAPPS Repository uses a custom and centralized data management system, which tracks all specimen-related clinical and demographic data. This system maintains audits of all activities, while meeting reporting and compliance requirements.

Additional Services
The GAPPS Repository offers additional services for researchers operating or seeking to develop their own biobank, including: 


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