For Parents

For Parents

GAPPS seeks the causes of preterm birth and stillbirth and ways to prevent them. This work is dedicated to parents dealing with the loss of a baby through stillbirth, and to those struggling to care for premature infants.

We recognize the profound pain and loneliness of grieving parents and extend our sincerest sympathy. There are many organizations available to help parents navigate loss, connect with others and move forward with their lives, as well as support for parents of premature babies. Explore these resources for more information.

Parents wishing to get involved with stillbirth and prematurity advocacy efforts will find useful links here.

For expectant mothers, GAPPS has compiled a list of advice for having a healthy pregnancy.

GAPPS Moms contribute to the GAPPS Repository, making groundbreaking research possible by providing specimens and data. 


Discover how our widely accessible biobank is helping scientists close the knowledge and solution gaps.

GAPPS Projects

Learn how GAPPS research and advocacy efforts are working to prevent preterm birth and stillbirth.

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